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What’s On

Here’s just a taste of some of the hundreds of acts Kaleido has in store for you. For all the juicy details, get a program at the festival!

Installation: Melissa Cayford


This installation was created from the contours of the artist’s community. It was then recreated in plush form to give the viewer a sense of comfort and nostalgia about the location that they live in. This in turn invites the viewer to interact with the installation. Art is usually about looking without touching, however you are encouraged to touch and interact with this installation.

FREE Pancake Breakfast

SATURDAY 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

630 CHED AVENUE CENTRAL STAGE 9210 – 118 Avenue

Head over to the 630 CHED Avenue Central Stage and enjoy a pancake breakfast served with a heavy dose of lively Vocal Trash entertainment.

Sponsored by: Save On Foods Stadium

FREE Gospel Brunch!

SUNDAY 10:30 am – 12:00 pm

630 CHED AVENUE CENTRAL STAGE 9210 – 118 Avenue

Head over to the 630 CHED Avenue Central Stage and enjoy a pancake breakfast served with live gospel entertainment featuring Eric Dozier and Edmonton singers.

Sponsored by: St. Faith’s Anglican Church

Family Beer Gardens

9210–118 Avenue

Visit our licensed family area where you can enjoy a cold, alcoholic beverage or have a coffee, and listen to great music at the same time. All ages welcome.

Sponsored by: Yukon Brewing

Songs From the Ave: A campfire sing-a-long

FRIDAY 8:00 pm | Takwakin Village (92 St & 118 Ave)

The musicians from Songs From the Ave are here to remind us what it is we love most about this neighbourhood! Oh, and it’s around a campfire… and we get to sing along with them. Awesome.

Featuring: Scott Peters, Chris Wynters, Terry Morrison, Barry Westerlund, Paul Bellows, Randy Ritz, Jason Kodie and Bradley Moss.

Birthday Fireworks

SATURDAY ONLY 11:00 pm | Playground (Behind Alberta Avenue Community League)

Happy 10th birthday Kaleido! This year we are celebrating with Fireworks Saturday night at 11pm! Bring the kids and celebrate ten years of great community spirit!


SATURDAY + SUNDAY | 92 St & 118 Ave

SKY LIFE is an imaginary explanation for the mysterious things we see in the sky. Through a fusion of circus, stiltwalking and theatre, Firefly Theatre & Circus along with the National Stiltwalkers of Canada weave the classic fable of the Ugly Duckling with a mythical tale about constellations.

SHOWTIMES: Saturday 2:00 pm, 6:00 pm Sunday 2:00 pm, 4:00 pm

12FOOT12 Installation Challenge

91 St & 118 Ave

Artists take to the streets in this competition of creativity. 12x12x12 foot structures will emerge throughout the festival as teams build structures limited only by their imaginations. Vote for your favourite!

Snap your Joy!

9225 – 118 AVE (In Front of Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts)

Make your smile contagious this weekend as you and your loved ones smile in front of this unusual photo booth. Supported by The Shutterbugs and The Nipp Family.

Deck Out a Lampost!

On 118 Ave

Walking past a lamppost? Look up! Artists will be creating elaborate ‘Under the Sea’ themed structures on Festival lampposts. Watch them emerge and make sure to vote for your favourite! Remember to vote!

Junk in Your Trunk Garage Sale

SUNDAY ONLY: 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm | 92 St & 118 Ave (North side)

Join the coolest garage salers in town! Bring your cash and make someone’s junk your treasures!

12FOOT12 Installation Challenge

Junk in Your Trunk Garage Sale